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What's New at PBC Counts?

Posted by Liz Locke of

Did you know that 58% of eighth grade students in Palm Beach County are proficient in reading? Or that our high school graduation rate is 82.9% (2009-2010 academic year)? Wouldn't it be great if you could easily compare the numbers with those from other counties? You can, at Palm Beach County Counts.

Almost a year ago, we reported on the launch of a new website that delivers Palm Beach County data and indicators to your computer, your tablet, your smartphone, and anywhere else you access the internet. PBC Counts ( provides easy to understand health, economic, environmental and other county level data indicators to small business owners, elected officials, proposal writers, and just about anyone who wants good credible data about Palm Beach County.


Spearheaded by Greta von Unruh, Executive Director of the Economic Development Research Institute, the site was developed in partnership with the Healthy Communities Institute, Inc. with lots of input from an advisory council comprised of some of Palm Beach County's most influential leaders.

Some of the things that make the site so important: the ability to compare data from various locations; the report assistant, allowing a user to pull together information quickly based upon a keyword; and especially the ability to contribute data for inclusion on the site (assuming that it meets the stringent editorial criteria). The name of the game on PBC Counts is credible data - all available for free. Of course, if you'd like to help support the site, there are plenty of sponsorship opportunities!

If you haven't visited lately, take a look and let us know what you think! Which indicators did you find interesting or helpful?